Saturday, April 07, 2007


1. Jane finally gave me a call about the set-up with John. At first, she said I could give him her number, but then she back tracked a bit and said he really wasn't her type. After more discussion, she decided that she could not see herself in a relationship with him. So, she decided to pass on giving him her number. I think that this attempt was my one and only with matchmaking.

2. I have started to pay more attention to my training for the running class. On Thursday, I ran 1.5 miles (the goal for the night) without stopping. While my pace was very slow, it was definitely the longest continuous distance I have ever run in my life.

3. The Canes did indeed lose last night's game, our final of the season as fans. It was a game that did not matter, but it was still disappointing to see them lose 4-1. Well, actually, we did not see them lose. Jon, Michelle, Bill, and I left at the second intermission. We headed for The Sauce and enjoyed a few brews. I received a free pint because I drank my 50th beer on Wednesday night!! I am becoming a beeraholic and loving it!!!

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