Friday, April 06, 2007

It's a Good Friday

I love a holiday!! Especially a holiday that gives you a day off work. Both Bill and I have today off. It is unusual for companies to give Good Friday as a holiday, so I was surprised and pleased that we are both able to enjoy the day. Well, we got to sleep in at least and have a nice breakfast. The day was really a working day - I started to clean the house in anticipation of Easter and Bill worked on the outside of the house mowing the lawn and washing off the deck. We even managed a trip to the gym. I guess it is better than being at work, but I would have liked to relax.

Tonight, we will go to dinner then head to the Hurricanes Game. I know there will be beer in the mix at some point, so all is not lost. Maybe tomorrow, after the cleaning and my training run, there will be time to relax...

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