Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Second Tri

This past Sunday, I participated in my second triathlon. It has been about 8 months since my first triathlon, so I was a bit anxious about this one. While I have been working out, I didn't really "train" specifically for this race. I swam, took spin class, and ran as individual pursuits, but never did a "brick" workout (putting together two of the disciplines - usually a bike ride followed by a run).

The morning started at a very early 4:30 am. This tri was located in the town of Wake Forest, about 45 minutes from home. We had only been to the venue the day before the event. The swim club were the pool was located was very nice. It was big enough so that racers did not have to use the same lanes for going down the pool and back again. That was a tremendous advantage when you needed to pass another swimmer or to be passed. It didn't slow down your particular race too much. As with my first tri, I felt very comfortable in the water. Even though I was passed several time during the 250m swim, I felt very strong. I finished by swim in 6:30, which was faster by about a minute from my first tri.

I was off on the bike pretty quickly. The beginning of the bike race felt like it was mostly downhill. I was a bit nervous as I saw the racers before me coming back on the same route. I wondered if I would still have the strength at the end of the race. Luckily, I felt that my legs and my riding just got stronger as I continued the 12 mile bike ride. Those hills I feared didn't seem too bad on the way back to the transition area.

I saw Bill in transition. He had started the race almost 40 minutes before I started my race, so he was finished well before I reached T2. He gave my words of encouragement as my weary legs took me out to the 5K run.

The run was tough. Not only did I have wobbly legs, the route was a very hilly one and the heat of the day was setting in. I also started feeling a bit of an upset stomach and my left foot was tingling due to a too tight race chip. Still, I felt like I finished strong and was only about 3 minutes off my PR for a 5K.

All in all, it was a great race. I really do like the challenge of the three sports together. I was aiming for a 1:50 finish, and I came in at 1:44:24.2. I was quite pleased. I also had a good time wtaching my friends, J&M, in their first triathlon. We all finished the race with smiles on our faces.

Next tri is in 2 weeks - featuring a longer lake swim and a longer bike ride. Hope I do as well.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The King is Dead

I was as shocked as everyone else to learn of Michael Jackson's passing this past Thursday. I actually found out via Facebook with all of the status updates referencing his passing. While he had gone a bit off the deep end in the last few years, there is no doubt that he was an influence on me as a child and as a teenager.

My first real dance recital was to a Micheal Jackson song. I was taking a jazz dance class and we performed to "Don't stop til You get Enough."

I remember going to my friend Carrie's house with all of the other girls in the neighborhood so we could watch the world premiere of the Thriller video on MTV. It was all we talked about for days.

I remember watching MJ on the Motown special. I tried to moonwalk in the living room for weeks after that performance. I never did get it down.

My first concert ever was The Jackson's Victory Tour at Dodger's Stadium in L.A.

And, yes, I had a Micheal Jackson poster in my bedroom.

There can be no doubt of Michael's influence on pop culture and music. I am saddened that a life was lost so early, and hope he will be remembered for his amazing presence and not his crazy later in life behavior.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Community Giving

I decided at the beginning of this year that I wanted to focus on community giving. Well, I have been trying to do just that, but it has been tougher than expected.

I organized a team to walk in the local Race for the Cure. I really thought we would have a good turn out. When I first made mention of the idea, people said they would be happy to join the team. I thought for sure people could take a few minutes out of their weekends to walk 3.1 mi for a worthy cause. Well, I was disappointed.

We had 8 people sign up for the team. Out of those 8 people, four actually showed for the event. With more than 40 people at the office, I ready hoped the turn out would be greater. I know that the economy is tight, and perhaps that is why people could not sign up. I know it is also summer, so that could have been a factor with people vacationing. It is just discouraging when you set up these things and four is the best turn out you get. My colleague, Beth, was a brave soul who walked with hubby and I in the heat. Another colleague ran the competitive race earlier in the morning (as did hubby), but we never saw him in the mass of people who were there. I did not run the 5K, but did a 5 mile run on my own before walking.

I was thinking of having a Habitat for Humanity work day in the fall. I am now going to rethink that idea. I would not want to be the only one to show up.

I am not giving up yet - I will be working on the Extra Hands committee again this year for the Junior League. Our committee puts together one day events for a variety of charities that need help. We get a better turn out - membership requires that ladies do at least on of these events a year!

Monday, June 15, 2009

My pup and the turtle

My girls found a turtle in our backyard. They had never seem anything like it. After barking at it for quite some time, they became fascinated by it. No worries, no animals were harmed in this adventure. The turtle was safely released in the front yard.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Piles of magazines

I have so many magazines piled on the side of my bed. It is absolutely ridiculous. I love magazines, but I can never seem to get to them. I am usually distracted by a good book, so the pile grows. I wish I could have a full day just to sit and read my magazines. It would feel so good just to get caught up. Here is what I think is in the pile:

7 months of House Beautiful (I just canceled this subscription which I hate)
5 months of Runner's World (Started the February issue last night)
4 months of Harper's Bazaar (I love the fashion)
1 month of InStyle
1 week of People (plus the new issue which arrived today)
1 issue of People Style Watch
and a number of random magazines like Endurance, Triathlete, the University of Georgia Alumni news, etc.

I really do like all of these magazines, I am just afraid for where this pile may be headed. How many mags can I stack in one pile?

Monday, June 08, 2009

Talking to a Nutritionist

Part of the welcome package at my new gym includes a 30 minute meeting with a nutritionist. I have never been to one before, so I gladly took advantage of the opportunity.

It was a really great session. We talked about my normal daily diet and my exercise levels, then talked about ways to change my diet to make it more nutritionally sound. I got some great pointers. She told me to add milk to my morning routine. For some weird reason, I eat my cereal dry. She pointed out that adding milk, a protein, would help me feel fuller through the morning. Since I was not getting enough dairy in my diet, it was the perfect fit.

Another great tip is to add protein to the afternoon snack. I usually eat fruit or veggies in the afternoon, but am still hungry by the time I leave work. She pointed out that I should have peanut butter, hummus, cheese, or some nuts (except macadamias) with my snack to feel more full.

We also went over portion control and being sure to have veggies and/or salads with dinner.

It was a really great session. I felt like I learned lots of good tips. I am so glad that our gym is really a wellness center and that we get these extra benefits to help us feel the best we can. I have my last session, the health evaluation, coming up soon.

Friday, June 05, 2009

A Great Ride

Last Saturday, hubby and I joined our good friends J & M for a bike ride. We had been planning to do a ride together for a long time, and last Saturday was finally the day. This was not just a meandering ride, though. J planned a great adventure for all of us.

We started out a J & M's house. From there, we headed downtown by taking advantage of the wonderful Greenway system around town. We were just on a main road for a little bit of time, then we were in neighborhoods and trails. It was a gorgeous day for a ride. The boys lead the way, with us girls following behind. It probably worked well as we could each have our little conversations as we rode. We saw gorgeous homes along the way to the downtown area. We rode about 11 miles before reaching our first destination, MoJoe's. We stopped for a quick beer (see picture) before heading on.

J designed a route with many possible stops. He took us past local landmarks (such as the home that was featured on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition) as well as historic sites (the Historic Oakwood neighborhood, the Jewish cemetery, the Confederate cemetery, Governor's mansion, etc.) We made another beer stop at 101 Lounge downtown before grabbing a quick snack at The Roast Grill. The Roast Grill was recently featured on the Travel Channel's Man vs. Food show. Host Adam Richman at 17 hot dogs to create a new record, but it was quickly broken by a local man who currently holds the record. We each ate 1 hot dog and moved on to the next stop.

We rode over to Boylan Bridge Brew Pub for a beautiful view of the downtown landscape. We enjoyed a locally brewed beer there, then moved on to the final section of the ride. From there, we headed over to Cameron Village. We ended our journey there with a proper lunch at Piccola Italian Restaurant. When it was all said and done, we rode 19+ miles and had a great afternoon.

Check out J's blog for more pictures and his take on the afternoon. It was a fantastic time and I hope we do it again soon