Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Random Ramblings

1. Bill did reach 200 beers last Wednesday at The Flying Saucer. We are going to see what that means tonight. I am guessing he will get to fill out what he wants on his plate, then in a week or two we will get our $100.00 tab. I am very excited!! I still have about 42 more to go.

2. My office mate moved out today. A single office with a window became open. Since she has seniority, she had the option to take it. I guess it all works out, cause now I have a double office to myself. No window, but a lot of space. I have had my speakers on today. It doesn't make up for losing my friend, but it is nice to have music again.

3. I tried a modified Galloway run yesterday. I ran for 10 minutes and took a 1 minute walk. I think it worked pretty well, and I did feel good. A walker who I often pass even mentioned to me that I was really slimming down. I don't know if that is true, but it sure was nice to hear!

4. I am wearing my new shirt that I bought at the Nordstrom sale today. I have received several compliments on it. I hope I can wear my new shoes soon!

5. Guess experience trumps youth as the Red Wings are leading the series 2-0 (heck, Pittsburgh has not even scored a goal in the finals yet). I hope Pittsburgh can win one in the Igloo tonight. Go Pens!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dear Me, I think I am actually doing a half marathon

Yesterday, Bill and I got out butts out of bed and did the Galloway Training run. We met at the designated training area by 7:00 am yesterday morning. That means we woke up at about 5:45 am. On a Saturday. On a Saturday that was a little chilly and cloudy. On a Saturday that threatened rain. Even with all of those negatives, I am really glad we went.

I found my friend, Lesley, at the beginning of the run. I decided to go with the group she was running with - the 13:00 pace group. I was scared at first that I would not be able to keep up with this group for the scheduled 5 mile run. It turned out to be the best group run I have ever done.

We started off with a good 5 minute warm up walk. After syncing our watches, we began the run by doing a one minute run, followed by a one minute walk. We kept up this routine for the entire run. At first, I felt silly stopping after just one minute. I felt like I really wanted to keep going, running faster. But, I stayed with the group and enjoyed the camaraderie. People talked and got to know each other. They would ask about your goals, and you would ask about their training. We talked with the group leaders about their Galloway experiences, and I felt a real connection. We stayed together for the whole course, something I have never been able to do with other groups. At the end of the run, they told us to "run for the barn." I sprinted the last 100 yards at a pace of an 8:00 mile. I have never been able to sprint at the end of a run as I have never had the energy. I felt so great at the end of this run, I was able to open the flood gates and take off. It was a great feeling.

The overall run ended up being 5.89 miles. I finished it in 1:27, and felt wonderful. Remember, I finished the 10K (6.2 miles) in 1:22 at a full run. I can already tell that there really is something to this method that Jeff Galloway started. I was so excited at the end of the run, I signed up for the full training course.

Yes, It looks like I might be running a half marathon by the end of the year. I am a little bit scared, but not as intimidated as I was before yesterday's run.

PS - Bill felt great, too, after his run. It was his first time back in many weeks since his hip injury. He is walking and doing well today, and has put a marathon on his goal list for the end of the year.

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Day Before the 3 Day

The problem with the Friday before a three day weekend is that you just don't want to work. All you want is to get out of the office so your special long weekend can start. You sit all day hoping beyond hope that the miracle will happen - the boss will say you can leave at 3:00 pm.

It didn't happen for me today. The morning went by quickly, but the afternoon has dragged on and on. It is now an hour until leave time and I know I won't get any free passes out of here early (unless the boss man leaves really soon!). Still, I would not give up my three day weekend for anything. I just wish it were a four day weekend.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So Proud of my Hubby!

Look who is almost to the Ring of Honor. Yes, my husband has had 197 of his 200 beers to get his plate on the wall of The Flying Saucer. Tonight could be the night, although he has been trying to limit himself to 2 beers per visit. Still, we will be having his unveiling party soon!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Young Penguins, Old Wings

The Stanley Cup Finals are now set with the Pittsburgh Penguins getting read to take on the Detroit Red Wings. I will have to admit that I have not been watching the playoffs since my beloved Canes were eliminated from the playoff picture, but this match up does intrigue me.

The Penguins are a very young team. Their captain, Sidney "the Kid" Crosby is just 20 years old. He is joined by a slightly older Evgeni Malkin. These two players made be young, but they are among the most talented players in the NHL. Pair them with veterans Marian Hossa, Darryl Sydor, and Sergei Gonchar, and you can see why the Penguins won the Eastern Conference. Heck, they even have a Staal (Jordan) on their team.

The Red Wings are old school. They have been here and they have won it all many times. Their roster is like a who's who of the best of the NHL. They dominated the Western Conference for most of the regular season, and had a relatively easy path in the playoffs.

Will youth trump experience? Will the veterans show the young ones how a Cup is won? I don't know, but I sure think it will be interesting. I just may have to watch.

The Stanley Cup Finals begin Saturday.

No More Gossip for Me

I am so totally done with Gossip Girl after last night's season finale.

There were 4 couples in the middle of the show, but none of then were together by the end. It was so ridiculous!! Each couple broke up, then moved on. It seems that they are all spending the summer with other people - like a mix and match to give you an idea of who may end up with whom next season. They all seemed OK with their fates as well. I was terribly disappointed.

I like romantic comedies and chick lit. They reason I like those two things is that I want a happy ending. I want to see the boy and the girl get together after they battle whatever it is that is keeping them apart. That did not happen last night, and that is why I am giving up the show.

There are enough problems in this world. When I watch TV, I want to escape to a happy place that makes me feel good. I do not want to wake up at 4:00am obsessing about a stupid TV show. I am done with Gossip Girl.

Half Yearly Sale for Women & Kids

Guess where I will be tomorrow morning at 7:00am?

Yes, I will be at my favorite store, Nordstrom, for the famous half yearly sale. It is my favorite place to shop for shoes (among other things). I love getting there early and checking out all of the merchandise on sale. Maybe I will see you there!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Our Annual Car Show

This past Saturday was our annual classic car show. Bill and I woke up at 5:10 am Saturday morning to head out to the lake where we have had the show for the past few years. It was a long, long day, but a gorgeous one weather wise.

We had to setup our registration table in the cold of the morning. Luckily, our food committee brought us sausage biscuits and coffee to take the chill off. By 8:00am, we were ready for the first cars. We were steadily busy for the first two hours. We seemed to get the cars in groups, but not too large a group that people had to wait forever. My job was to do the data entry of the registration info into the club spreadsheet. By 10:30 am, but shoulders were tired! We closed registration at about 12:15 pm. After making sure all was well with the data, Bill and I finally got to walk around a bit and see all of the beautiful cars in our show. We had 102 paid cars, plus about 36 club cars. It was great fun to see old favorites as well as the first timers to the show. I helped with the awards presentation , and before we knew it, it was time to wave goodbye to all of the participants. Bill and I went to The Sauce for a celebratory beer (or two) before heading home to an early night.

As you can imagine, we sat on the sofa for most of the day yesterday. We watched TV and movies, we napped and we read. It felt great to do nothing after our Saturday. I am already looking forward to this weekend where we have 3 days to enjoy ourselves!

My Nephew is a Star

My nephew, Tyler, has been modeling for awhile now. He did a print campaign for Macy's and a few others. It is great for him, and he is already putting away some bucks for college. Here is his latest work for Children's Place. Isn't he a cutie?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kettlebell Workout

Last night, I participated in a tryout class for Kettlebell Training. It was a class that a friend in the Junior League put together for several of us to try. As a matter of fact, the instructor is a Sustainer in the JLDOC.

The class is based on moving with a weight called a kettlebell. We learned two different movements, then arm swing and the front squat. The arm swing has you holding a kettlebell with two hand while bending and swinging it through your legs. The squat is a down to the floor move while holding the kettlebell in from of your chest. I definitely feel both moves now.

The arm swing really got our hearts racing, while the squat worked my quads and my glutes. It was a pretty good workout, and you could see the results on Betsy. That woman has barely any body fat and her arms are very well toned. She says that it is all from the kettlebells. She has been a group fitness instructor for a long time, but I admit that I do not remember her looking so trim and fit.

I would consider continuing the training, but the program is pricey. Also, since I am really trying to devote myself to running, I think I need to stick with one thing at one time. Still, if you are looking for a different and unique workout, check out kettlebell training in your local area.

So little to say

When I started this blog, I told myself that I would make an entry each day. Now that I have been doing this for almost 2 years, I know that it completely unreasonable. I don't have that much to say. Sometimes, I have something to say, but not enough time to log in and type it out.

I had thought of a post I wanted to write on Monday, but I never got around to writing it. Now, it seems like old news. It isn't even worth writing now, so I need to think of something new. That is how this post came to be. Oddly enough, as I am typing this entry, I have thought of something else I could post. Watch out - it may be a two entry day today!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lazy Butt

Yesterday, Bill and I were supposed to get up to be at the first Galloway training run by 7:00 am. Bill signed up for the group to train for his upcoming half marathon, and I am considering joining the group as well. They are very kind, and said that folks were welcome to the first few runs before they had to decide if they wanted to join the group. Well, Bill is still injured so he can't run. He said he would go with me and walk if I wanted to go. I decided to to sleep in, and I had regretted it ever since.

Sure, it was nice to have the extra sleep, but I felt like I was rushed all day long. I felt like I didn't have any time to get anything accomplished, and everything took a long time. I never even exercised. I should have gotten up, ran my 3 miles, and been home around 8:30. I would have had time to relax, then get to work on the things that needed to get done.

Bill and I both got up at about 7:15 this morning. He went on a 25 mile bike ride, and I ran 4 miles. We have both felt good all day long, and got a few things done before heading out to spend Mother's Day with his parents.

Next time we have a Saturday run we can do, we are going to get up to do it.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

It is not Mexican Independence Day, you know. Cinco de Mayo is the celebration of a victory in a great battle, but not against the Spanish. It was a battle in which the outnumbered Mexicans beat the French. Still, it is a great excuse to drink cerveza and eat Mexican food.

Our fun team at work had a small Cinco de Mayo party today. We had Coronas with lime, chips, 8 different salsas, cheese sauce, guacamole, 7 layer dip, sangria, and non-alcoholic beverages. It was great fun for the group - a good pick-me-up in the middle of the afternoon (unless you drank 2 beers like me and would actually like a nap now). We also had a pinata that we attempted to whack open with a stick. The poor ass was beheaded, but no candy fell out. We took care of that problem from the ground. Tonight, Bill and I will continue the theme with a burrito dinner.

Hope you all have a wonderful Cinco de Mayo, too!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Too lazy to get up

I was supposed to go for a run this morning, get cleaned up, then go to Pottery Barn for a free class on the art of botanicals. Instead, I slept in and ate waffles with Bill for breakfast.

I think part of the problem is that I have not slept in much lately. Last weekend, I did the Angels Among Us Race and woke up early, followed by the slumber party where I did not get much sleep at all. Yesterday, Bill and I were up at 7:00am so we could go to the kick off of the Jeff Galloway running program. Galloway was there himself to talk about the program and explain how you can run injury free with faster recovery times. It was such a great group. They seemed really warm and open to all runners of all paces. They seemed to have fun, even in a meeting. Bill has already signed up for the program, and I am seriously considering it. If we do participate in the program, I will be waking up for 6:30 to 7:00 am runs every Saturday until December. Guess I need to get my sleep now.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Work - A Waste of a Beautiful Spring Day

Today is a gorgeous day in NC. The sun is shining, but it is not too hot. There is a slight breeze blowing in to keep you cool. It was so lovely this morning, I just had to run. It was a pleasure to run 4 miles on a day like today. But, then I had to come to work.

It is tough to be in accounting at month end. Either you are so busy you can hardly get anything done or you are waiting. I am in waiting mode now. I am waiting for reports to generate and waiting for invoices to enter. It is difficult to wait when I know it is so wonderful just outside. At least I know that I will be enjoying the weather soon. I will be out of here in less than three hours. In about three and a half hours, I will be sitting on my back deck with Bill and Sammy, enjoying the great weather with a beer in my hand and burgers on the grill. I will have two glorious days of freedom ahead of me as well. It makes me feel better about missing out right now.