Tuesday, May 20, 2008

No More Gossip for Me

I am so totally done with Gossip Girl after last night's season finale.

There were 4 couples in the middle of the show, but none of then were together by the end. It was so ridiculous!! Each couple broke up, then moved on. It seems that they are all spending the summer with other people - like a mix and match to give you an idea of who may end up with whom next season. They all seemed OK with their fates as well. I was terribly disappointed.

I like romantic comedies and chick lit. They reason I like those two things is that I want a happy ending. I want to see the boy and the girl get together after they battle whatever it is that is keeping them apart. That did not happen last night, and that is why I am giving up the show.

There are enough problems in this world. When I watch TV, I want to escape to a happy place that makes me feel good. I do not want to wake up at 4:00am obsessing about a stupid TV show. I am done with Gossip Girl.

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