Friday, May 02, 2008

Work - A Waste of a Beautiful Spring Day

Today is a gorgeous day in NC. The sun is shining, but it is not too hot. There is a slight breeze blowing in to keep you cool. It was so lovely this morning, I just had to run. It was a pleasure to run 4 miles on a day like today. But, then I had to come to work.

It is tough to be in accounting at month end. Either you are so busy you can hardly get anything done or you are waiting. I am in waiting mode now. I am waiting for reports to generate and waiting for invoices to enter. It is difficult to wait when I know it is so wonderful just outside. At least I know that I will be enjoying the weather soon. I will be out of here in less than three hours. In about three and a half hours, I will be sitting on my back deck with Bill and Sammy, enjoying the great weather with a beer in my hand and burgers on the grill. I will have two glorious days of freedom ahead of me as well. It makes me feel better about missing out right now.

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Maggy said...

Glad it is so nice there. Hope your weekend is beautiful. It's Sun Fest here, and Sheryl Crow with guest appearance of Eric Clapton opened the event on Wednesday. It's windy and warm here. I hope to attend on Sunday.