Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kettlebell Workout

Last night, I participated in a tryout class for Kettlebell Training. It was a class that a friend in the Junior League put together for several of us to try. As a matter of fact, the instructor is a Sustainer in the JLDOC.

The class is based on moving with a weight called a kettlebell. We learned two different movements, then arm swing and the front squat. The arm swing has you holding a kettlebell with two hand while bending and swinging it through your legs. The squat is a down to the floor move while holding the kettlebell in from of your chest. I definitely feel both moves now.

The arm swing really got our hearts racing, while the squat worked my quads and my glutes. It was a pretty good workout, and you could see the results on Betsy. That woman has barely any body fat and her arms are very well toned. She says that it is all from the kettlebells. She has been a group fitness instructor for a long time, but I admit that I do not remember her looking so trim and fit.

I would consider continuing the training, but the program is pricey. Also, since I am really trying to devote myself to running, I think I need to stick with one thing at one time. Still, if you are looking for a different and unique workout, check out kettlebell training in your local area.

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Lesley said...

You inspired me to try a few kettlebell swings at the gym this morning. I can feel it now! :) Tells me I need to do more work on my upper body.