Monday, March 31, 2008

Headline: Whitney, Williams Look Ready to Go

It almost brought tears to my eyes!! To get back two stars like Ray Whitney and Justin Williams is a godsend right now. Tomorrow, the Canes have a chance to put away the Southeastern Conference with a win against the Capitals. It will be a tough game. The Caps have nothing to lose and everything to win. I know they will be trying with everything they have to win that game and bring the SE to even, at least points wise. With 3 games left in the regular season, this game will have huge playoff implications.
We are going to the game here on Wednesday. Please, please let it be an icing game and not a must win
GO CANES - BEAT THE CAPITALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Great Human Race 2008

It was cold. It was windy. It started to rain. I did it anyway.

Today was the annual Great Human Race - a 5K event to support our local volunteer center. It is a race that Bill and I have done several times before, and we signed on to do it again this year. I didn't know that the temperatures were going to drop so much from the upper 70s, sunny day we had yesterday, or I may have reconsidered.

Bill is still working on his hip injury, so he had to pass on the race. I was standing out there in my shorts, wearing a pair of socks from the goody bag on my hands to keep them warm, thinking I should pass, too. I didn't - I decided I was already there. I ran the race in about 38:25. Not a fast pace for most, but just over my personal best. I am glad I did it. It is so much easier to realize that once you finish the race. Perseverance gets us through the tough times. Now, I can feel good for the rest of the day knowing I accomplished something this morning. Not only the 5K, but the mental fortitude to get through it.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Quick Updates

1. I decided to stay with The Junior League for one more year. The check is in the mail.

2. I truly stink at the NCAA bracket guessing. I am now 13th in the office pool out of 15 participants. I knew I should have kept that $5.00 in my pocket!

My Heart is...

I took this test on Facebook called "What color is your heart?" Here are my results:

You Have A Blue Heart
A person with a Blue Heart is an emotional person. Such people make affectionate lovers and are usually sensitive and are cautious drivers. They are introspective, reflective and have a primary concern for self.

I think this is fairly accurate. I am emotional and sensitive, but I don't think I am a good driver. I am definitely more of an introvert, and I certainly have a primary concern for myself (comes from being an only child, you know!). At the same time, I don't care for things that are mushy and I do like working in the community. Hmmm. Well, folks, do you think this sounds like me?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

JL or not JL

Well, it's getting down to crunch time. It will soon be April 1, and I will soon have to make a decision as to whether or not to continue with The Junior League. At this point, I am leaning toward staying for one more year.

I figure that in this next year, things will get better. I will move off of the only committee on which I have ever served, and onto a new committee. I hope to join Extra Hands - the group responsible for coordinating activities within the community. These events are usually done in one day and help a variety of groups in need. I think this will be a good fit for me because I do want to be more active in community service. I also think it will help me to be on a larger committee where I can meet more people.

Of course, the downside is that there is probably a lot of work to be done in this committee. You have to set up the events, find people to staff them, and coordinate the efforts on the actual day of the event. Just because it is a larger committee doesn't mean that I am guaranteed friends. I may still be the quiet girl who knows no one.

What to do??

I am torn. On one hand, I do know a few people in the League, I have tons of JL logo stuff, and I like to be busy. On the other hand, my office mate has told me that I am not allowed to complain to her if I don't like what I am doing. Complaining about The League is half the fun! Also, what happens if I am too busy? I would hate it if it cut into my beer time.

What should I do?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Got my Playoff ticket yesterday!

I am happy to say that I received my playoff ticket (yep, that's one ticket) yesterday. Now, I start the 9 day wait to see how the playoffs will work out.

The Hurricanes are currently leading the Southeast Division by 4 points over The Washington Capitals. The Canes and the Caps played last night in a nail biter that went all the way to the final skater of the shoot out. Unfortunately, that final skater was a Cap, and the only one to score. The Caps gained one point on the Canes, but it is better than 2 points. The Canes have a good chance to pick up 4 points before they squared off against the Caps again next week. If the Canes can hold the lead in the Southeast, they will go into the playoffs as a #3 seed. If they don't win the division, they will likely still make the playoffs, but at a lower seed (currently, the would be a #6).

Rank does matter. The first time the Canes got to The Stanley Cup Finals, they were a #3 seed. That year, the #1 and the #2 seeds both fell in the first round. The Canes maintained home advantage throughout the playoffs after that, and met teams ranked lower than they were ranked. It is good to have the dirty work done for you.

It's still too close to call this year, but we are coming down the home stretch. I hope the Canes pull off the victory Friday night against the Thrashers. I will be screaming for them from section 338 - my home for now and the playoffs.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I love my dog!!

I have realized recently that the one creature in this world that I say "I love you" to more than anyone else is my dog, Samantha. I tell her I love her more than my husband, my father, or my friends. I guess the reason is (besides the fact that she is so adorable) because I know she will not respond. I don't know if she knows what I am saying. I don't know that she comprehends the meaning. I don't have to hold my breath the see if she says she loves me, too. I can shout it out from the top of my lungs, and she will just go about her business. There is no fear of rejection from her. She is safe.

Of course, just look at this face and tell me you don't love her, too!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Yet Another Boy

My sister-in-law is pregnant with her second child, and we found out yesterday that it is a boy. For you folks keeping count, that's my fourth nephew. Yep, we are 4 for 4 on the bot count in this family. I am pretty disappointed. I really thought the odds were with us this time. Oh well.

It is a lovely Good Friday here, and I am getting ready to enjoy my day off by heading to the mall. Hope everyone else is having a lovely day!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

NCAA Pressure

I succumbed to peer pressure and said goodbye to $5.00 to take part in our office NCAA Bracket challenge. I have no clue which teams are doing well this year. For whatever reason, I have never really gotten into basketball. I love hockey (as you know) and football. I could watch those sports all day long. But when it comes to basketball, I'm lost. It is a fast paced game with lots of action. The score can change within seconds, yet the sport just does not capture my interest. Maybe it is not challenging enough. If they put the players on that could make things interesting.

Anyway, I picked most teams based on their numerical standing in the bracket. The only time I really went off of that idea was when I picked Georgia to win its first two games. I have to choose my Alma Mater after all!! I did, however, pick them to lose to Duke. For the overall winner, I chose UNC. It seemed like a safe enough bet, and it made the guy who started the pool happy.

Stay tuned - I will let you know how I do after the tourney gets under way this week.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Kissy Friends

I have always wanted kissy friends. By this term, I mean that I want friends who kiss each other when they meet or part. You see this a lot on TV and in the movies, but I have never done it in real life. Sure, I hug some of my friends some of the time, but I have never kissed anyone to whom I was not related. It seems like such a nice thing - an extra special way to say I really cherish our friendship. It is not sexual by any means, but more intimate than a hug. Perhaps it is a more European thing that we don't really do in the US. I would experiment, but I don't know how people would react.

Speaking of friends, I went back and posted a picture of Adam and I together on the blog I wrote about out night out. If you happen to be a Facebook friend of mine, you can see some photos I posted of us in high school.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Randon Thought 3/14/08

Why is it that we say "Pardon my French" after we swear? Why don't we say pardon my German or Russian? Did the French come up with all the best curse words or do we just blame then because they are thought to be wussies? Hmmmmmm....

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Other Life

I believe in past lives. It seems hard to believe that there are an unlimited number of souls to inhabit all of the people who have ever walked the Earth. Some people may think I am a kook, some people may agree with me.

I feel like I was a hippie in my most recent past life. I don't know why I feel that way, it has just always been this thing I have thought. I feel like I was a woman, and for some weird reason, I feel like I was blond. I think I was a drug addict who met her unfortunate end due to a heroin overdose. I think I died in the late 60s, but since I started my current life in 1971, perhaps it was later. I don't really remember anything, it's just more like a feeling that it fits.

I think it may be the reason that I have never touched drugs, or even a cigarette, in this lifetime. It is like I know I would not be able to handle it, so I have never put myself in a position to try it. Yet, I do think there were some good things about my past life. Maybe being a hippie has lead me to be a more tolerant, more liberal person in this life. I almost think I would like to be a hippie again. Just this time I would do it without the drugs and with better shoes.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Can't seem to focus

I have been having a lot of problems the last few days trying to focus. It seems that the reminders of the past brought up this weekend are bouncing around in my head.

I like to deal with my emotions in a straight forward simple way - I roll them up tight in a little ball and push that ball as far down in my psyche as I can get it. Then, I deny that any emotions are there and do not allow myself to think about them. It has worked for years. Now, though, my mind seems to be all over the place - here, 20 years ago, the future, 10 years ago. It has caused some problems.

I bought my playoff tickets yesterday for the Carolina Hurricanes. They are playing so well, it seems that they will definitely get a playoff spot. I passed on tickets the first time through, but the Canes extended the offer again in an e-mail I got yesterday. I decided to buy myself a ticket, then hours later I realized that I am a total idiot. There is no schedule for the playoffs yet, as no team in the NHL has actually secured a spot. I know they will start in April, but I have no idea which days it will be. I have class every Tuesday night through the end of April. I have already purchased tickets for the APS Gala on April 19. I have plans for various dates in May. What will happen if I have a game on the same night? It's not like they are regular season tickets - they are much more expensive. I also won't have two to sell - just one, lone ticket. I'm not sure if I would even be able to get rid of it if I needed to in a pinch.

Darn these emotions!! Get back in your corner so I can get back to life.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Here's to Good Friends

I got a very special visit yesterday. I blogged a few weeks ago about my old friend, Adam, who I found on Facebook. We were good friends in high school, but completely lost each other after we went to different colleges. We chatted via e-mail, Facebook, and phone, and I invited him to come to a hockey game with me. He did.

It was so cool to see him again when it had been so long (I thought it had been almost 19 years, but he remembers seeing each other once after high school, so it is probably 17 years - still a long time!) It felt very familiar and comfortable. We seemed to have no problems talking and catching up. We related experiences we have had since high school, and reminisced about the things we did together in high school. We remembered that I taught him how to drive a stick shift in my old Nissan Sentra. We talked about the beach trip we took right after we graduated with our group of friends. He told me about how Greenville looks now - how everything is so built up and how our actual school building was likely torn down. To top it all off, we got to see an amazing hockey game (the Canes beat the Sabres in overtime and I was literally biting my nails) and I got to take him to "my bar" - The Flying Saucer. We stayed up way, way too late, but it was worth it.

It is so important to keep your friends in your life. It meant so much to me to get that connection back. He is someone who "knew me when" and he remembers my mom. I will not let another 17 or 19 years go by.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Check Out This Little Girl!

This little girl is Lucy, the spokes puppy for the SPCA of Wake County's K9-3K Dog Walk. The dog walk will be April 19 this year in downtown Raleigh. It is a great way to get out and walk - for you, your dog, and the whole family. Best of all, you will be helping dogs like Lucy be rescued, adopted, and loved. What better way to spend the afternoon?

Things in my Life

It has been a busy week. I feel like I don't have much to say, but there are a few things that have happened.

1. I got a beautiful new purse for the spring. It is a gorgeous pale blush color, and the leather is soooooo soft.

2. The Canes have been playing really, really well lately. They spanked the Thrashers Wednesday night in Atlanta, and looked really strong and tough (in the multiple fights) last night at home against the Minnesota Wild. I am really, really looking forward to seeing them play Buffalo on Saturday.

3. I think I may quit the Junior League. I know I keep going back and forth on this point. We had a meeting this week, and I really do not feel connected to anyone or anything there. I have a few more days before I need to make the decision.

4. I went to dinner with my office mate, Rebecca, and her girl's night out group last night. It was fun to meet new people and get to know the folks that Rebecca talks about all the time.

5. I am still running - did 7 miles so far this week. I would like to run Sunday, but there may not be enough time. Bill's sisters and their kids are coming up for a visit, so we will be heading to the in-laws house for the day.

6. I have something really special happening on Saturday, but I will blog about it later.

7. I can't believe Clinton pulled out the big wins this week. It seemed like she was all but done. Maybe my primary vote will count for something come May!

I think that's about all for now. Have a great Friday!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Hold Your Fire

This weekend, Bill and I did something off my list of things I have always wanted to do. We went to a firing range and I fired our guns. It was not what I expected.

I have never fired an actual gun before Saturday. Sure, I have been to the arcade or fired a play gun at the state fair. I did not expect the affect it would have on me. We arrived at the firing range mid afternoon. Of course since it was the weekend, there were many, many people there, and we had to wait. During our wait, I had plenty of time to psyche myself out. I began to realize just how serious guns are. Although we were in a controlled, safe environment, one mistake (by me) could lead to someone's death. While it was very unlikely to happen, I found that fact to be very disconcerting. Once we got on the range, I found out the second thing that scared me - the sound of the gunshot.

You hear gunshots in movies and TV all the time. I never realized just how loud they really are - and I was wearing hearing protection! There is also a concussion that comes with the firing of the gun. I was jumping each time anyone fired. It lasted pretty much the whole time we were in there.

Once I got settled, I was able to fire the guns without a problem. I have pretty good aim, so I did well with the smaller .22 gun. I was able to fire pretty much where I was aiming. I also tried the revolver, but I didn't like it as much since it was heavier and louder. Bill also brought his rifle that is a military training rifle that fires .22 bullets. It had almost no kick or sound, but it was very heavy to hold.

Overall, I am glad I went and I am glad I have good aim. I never, ever want to be in a situation where I have to aim the gun at another human being. I am particularly thankful for our troops and law enforcement agents after this weekend. I know I could never do their jobs, and I will not take them for granted anymore.