Tuesday, March 18, 2008

NCAA Pressure

I succumbed to peer pressure and said goodbye to $5.00 to take part in our office NCAA Bracket challenge. I have no clue which teams are doing well this year. For whatever reason, I have never really gotten into basketball. I love hockey (as you know) and football. I could watch those sports all day long. But when it comes to basketball, I'm lost. It is a fast paced game with lots of action. The score can change within seconds, yet the sport just does not capture my interest. Maybe it is not challenging enough. If they put the players on ice...now that could make things interesting.

Anyway, I picked most teams based on their numerical standing in the bracket. The only time I really went off of that idea was when I picked Georgia to win its first two games. I have to choose my Alma Mater after all!! I did, however, pick them to lose to Duke. For the overall winner, I chose UNC. It seemed like a safe enough bet, and it made the guy who started the pool happy.

Stay tuned - I will let you know how I do after the tourney gets under way this week.

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