Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reborn Jewelry-Part II

So, I finally received my new jewelry. I got the pendant first. The pendant is not exactly what I first imagined, but it is lovely. It is an 18K gold dome with diamonds inset. I really pictured something less perfect and exact - a more abstract shape. Now that I have the piece, I think it is much better than my original idea. This pendant will never go out of style. I can wear it tomorrow and I will still be able to wear it in 25 years. I still want to buy a black cord for it, but for now, I am enjoying wearing it with my gold and silver chains.

I got my ring just about two weeks ago. My ring was delayed because my friend, Karl, the master jeweler who created these pieces, did not like the original mold. He did not think the ring lived up to his standards, so it was scrapped and the process started again. I was really anxious to get the ring, but I trust his judgement. The ring is extra special because it contains the two center stones from my mother's wedding set. It is a bypass style ring in white gold. One side contains the oval stone from the engagement ring and the other side is the straight baguette from the wedding band. In the end, the ring turned out to be stunning. It seems strange to wear it everyday, but that is why I had it made. So, I will enjoy it whenever I want. The ring is stunning regardless if I am wearing jeans or a dress. I think part of the reason it is stunning is that it is so special to me.

In the end, it was expensive. It did take a long time. It wasn't exactly as I imagined. Still, I am glad I did it and I am happy with the results. It took special pieces that would have sat in a drawer for the rest of my life, and gave them a chance to be worn again. I will cherish these pieces forever.