Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Great shopping

I was reading People Magazine's Stylewatch Special Edition for February as any good fashionista would. In this edition, there is a column by a lady whose jobs it is to find cool shopping websites on the Internet. How can I get this job? Seriously, I am on the Internet anyway. I wish I could get paid for my time.

She mentioned that you can go to Steve Madden to order a pair of custom made shoes. How much fun is that? I'm thinking a gold metallic wedge with cork or maybe white patent platforms with a natural wood base... there are just too many great options. After all, I did just donate 4 pairs of shoes, so ...

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Mish Mash, of sorts

So many things to say, but none of them go together.

1. My nephew, Matthew, celebrated his 3rd birthday on Friday. Isn't he the cutest? I love that boy.
2. Those leopard shoes that Nordstrom told me I was not going to get? Guess what? They shipped to me yesterday. The shoe gods have been looking down on me with their blessings.
3. Award Show buzz - After the Golden Globes and the SAGs, I am all ready for the Oscars. I love awards shows. I think the best part is just checking out what people are wearing. Other than that, it is really just the same show over and over. I mean, the same 5 people are nominated in each of the major acting categories. I know who will win the Oscars, yet I am still excited about the show. Oh, and the day after fashion review!
4. Book club meeting tonight - We are discussing My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. If you have not read this book, by all means, go out and get it. It was such a touching and compelling story, and so very well written. I highly recommend it!
As Miranda in The Devil Wears Prada (also fabulous - rent it!) would say, "That's all."

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Oooooh, Ashton

Last night I rented The Guardian for our viewing enjoyment. The trailer we saw in the movie theaters for this movie looked very cheesy, so I wasn't quite sure what we were getting into. I have to say that we actually enjoyed this movie. It was very interesting, the action was good, and Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Costner not bad to look at for 2 1/2 hours. I don't think Bill would agree with that last part, but he seemed to like the movie as well. I would recommend this movie for anyone.
On another high note, I was able to sync my Palm this morning. It's good to feel superior to a machine.

Friday, January 26, 2007

What a morning!!

I am the assistant chair of my committee in the Junior League. Our job is to put out the monthly newsletter. It is truly a group effort. I found out in December that the chair of the committee is moving to Ohio in February. I found out last week that another committee member is going to Thailand (with no access to e-mail) for a month. Today, I found out our last committee member, the lady who does all of our layouts in the publishing software, has accepted a job in Atlanta. I am now a committee of 1 (at least until Kate gets back in March from The Orient). I don't know how to use PageMaker software, and I need to do it all on my own. Fun stuff for a Friday.

To top it all off, those cute shoes I posted last week from Nordstrom? They are sold out and I did not get my pair. I got that notice this morning. I will be drinking multiple beers tonight.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I actually counted

I counted my shoes Monday night and found that I have 77 pairs. While some people think this number is insane, I think it is normal. I mean, you have to count all the dress shoes for various outfits and special occasions. Then, there are athletic shoes and casual shoes. There are sandals and flip flops. Boots, work shoes, and shoes that are just fun. I do need to go through what I have an eliminate some pairs. I know there are pairs in the back of the closet that I have not worn in a long time - shoes that are just out of style. The Junior League gets many pairs from me just in time for the annual Bargain Sale.

I think I just like to own beautiful things. Spending money makes me feel good, makes me feel powerful. It also makes me feel special that I can buy things. I like to look nice - it makes me feel good. If that's insane, well, so be it.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

I really meant it's cold outside

Two days ago I posted that it had gotten very cold here. Well, I wasn't kidding. Bill woke me Thursday morning with the news that it was snowing outside. It was a record high of 74 degrees on Monday, and snow on Thursday! Kids got the day off school, but I went to work. I had no problems getting to work, but many of my co-workers were late. But early afternoon, the snow had melted away and rain prevailed. It's about 50 today, but there is a chance for wintery mix tomorrow.

Like they say, if you don't like the weather in North Carolina - wait 5 minutes!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Why do women love shoes?

I really don't know why I love shoes so much. When I see a great pair of shoes, I go all gooey inside. All I can think about is hot great they would look on my feet. I just bought a new pair of shoes today. Sure, I have probably 50-75 pairs at home, but none are leopard print with pointy toes and a brown buckle! I know that I have but two feet and can wear only 1 pair at a time. Still, it doesn't stop me from wanting, craving, more shoes. Maybe it has to do with the fact that shoes stay the same. It doesn't matter if you gain a pound or two (or 15), your shoes always look good. That could be why they are so soothing to me. Maybe that it why I love purses and jewelry, too!!

Anyway, the shoes will be shipping to me on January 23 where they will be given a good home. In case you are wondering, these babies are available at Nordstrom, the best place I know for girls like me with a great love of shoes.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Baby, it's cold outside

Our weather has been crazy this winter. I know 2006 was the warmest year on record (Don't get me started about global warming). 2007 started in the 70s. We went to about 55 yesterday, and to 40 today. At least it feels like winter now! Of course, I say that from the warmth of the indoors. I hope I feel that way in about 20 minutes when I go outside!!!

Monday, January 15, 2007

What a lousy finish to the weekend

So, the weekend wasn't great anyway, but the ending tops the cake. After running to the grocery store at about 2:30 yesterday, I get home to find out that the garage door won't open. Bill comes out and tells me the power has been off for about 30 minutes. I have a trunk full of food, so we have to open the frig/freezer to put them away. We decide to take Sammy for a walk, hoping that the power will be on when we return. We were gone for about an hour, but no luck. We sit and read until there is no light left, then nap until we get hungry. By this time, it is about 7:15. I had meal fixings all ready and a DVD to watch. I had laundry to do. Alas, the lord of power decided it would not get done. We went out to dinner, and returned to a dark house. The worst part is that it seemed to only affect the 30 or so houses in our immediate neighborhood. The folks across the street had power. The ones behind us and the church in front of us did, too. The traffic light was on. It was totally frustrating. After reading a magazine by flashlight for about an hour, I gave up to go to sleep. It was only then, at around 10:00pm, did the power return.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Latest Addition to the Family

Welcome Emily Carlisle Dick to the Krueger/McCoy/Dick Family!! Emily was born on January 6, 2007, in Colorado. She is the first child of my cousin CC and her husband Eric. I am so happy to have Emily in our family. She is a beautiful addition.

Friday, January 12, 2007


This post is number 100 for me! What a great milestone. It makes me think of another milestone I am working toward - drinking 200 beers!!

Bill and I joined the UFO club at a local branch of The Flying Saucer chain. The "Sauce", as we call it, features over 80 beers on tap and 160 beers in bottles. As a club member, you are challenged to drink 200 different beers. If you succeed, you get a personalized plate of your own for the wall. You also get a $100 bar tab on the night your plate is first displayed. The membership also includes a T-shirt and various goodies at the 50 beer and 100 beer mark. Last night, I drank beers #5 and #6. Only 194 more bottles of beer on the wall for me!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Doin' the Shuffle

Bill got me the latest IPod Shuffle for my birthday. While I thought it was a really cool gift, I didn't really appreciate it until this week. I have been using it at the gym, and I have enjoyed it. The unit is so darn small, you can't even feel it attached to your clothes. It is like having a binder clip on your shorts, but one that plays about 350 songs. I have also enjoyed picking the music and loading more and more on.

When I was a kid, I never really liked the clothes my mom would buy for me as gifts. Then, I would put on the outfit she put together and it would become my favorite outfit in the closet. She did it to me every time. I don't know how she knew my style so well and what would look good on me. I guess she just knew me. My husband knows me, too. Thanks for the great gift. It may take awhile, but I can truly appreciate it now.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Job, New Impressions

So, I have finished my first week at the new job. I think I like it. It is really too early to tell, but I think it may be OK. The people I work with most closely are wonderful. I really like my boss and the other staff accountant. My job is very heavy on data entry, but I guess most jobs in this day and age are. I do wish it were a bit more challenging, but since it is only my first week, I really can't complain yet.

There is some weird stuff. We only get 1/2 an hour for lunch. I have never worked somewhere where lunch time is so short. I have also found myself back in a casual office. I don't mind that. I still dress in skirts and heels when I want to, but have the freedom to wear jeans when needed (like tomorrow night when we have a hockey game). My supervisor works only 32 hours a week (a fact she failed to mention in the interview). She leaves at about 3:45 each afternoon. The other staff accountant leaves at 4:00 - heck, most everyone is gone by then except for customer service. It is so strange to have the office all to myself for about an hour and a half. I'm not sure what to do with myself yet, but I sure do enjoy the peace and quiet.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Christmas is over

It is the most dreaded time of the holidays - putting away the Christmas decorations. I have been dreading this weekend all week. I have to say, it has gone much better than I thought it would. Bill was a great help yesterday. We got about 85% of the decorations down and put away yesterday. Today, we just have to get the rest boxed and to the attic. After that, we need to clean and get the regular stuff back in place. It actually has not been a bad process - I think it took longer to get it all up!!

OK, enough writing. Back to dismantling the wonder of Christmas that was our home.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Year's Redux

Bill and I had a good New Year's Eve, too. We spent the day doing regular stuff like going to Best Buy and the grocery store. We had slices of pizza as our last lunch of 2006, and last day of non-Weight Watchers eating.

In the evening, we went to Charlie Goodnight's Comedy Club in Raleigh ( We had drinks (their martinis are very good) and dinner there. Our meal was quite tasty. We both chose the filet mignon for dinner. There was an appetizer sampler, choice of soup or salad, and a choice of dessert. After dinner, we were seated for the show that started at 11:30pm. We each received a split of champagne which we opened and enjoyed at the midnight break. There were 4 comedians. Our headliner was Charlie Viracola who received a phone call from Carrot Top while he was on stage. It was a pretty good show.

After the show, we meat up with Terry, Heather, Jesse, and Brandi at the bar under Fat Daddy's. We had a drink, played some pool, and listened to music until they closed. It was so nice to end the night with friends. We came home and fell asleep at about 3:30am. The new year didn't begin again until about 11:30.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Christmas Pictures

Bill opens presents

Samantha's Christmas Treat
Susan and Sammy by the tree

Christmas - Belated

Yes, Christmas was over a week ago. I have been busy enjoying my vacation and did not have the time to post. Anyway, here's what happened.

Bill, Sammy, and I had a lovely Christmas Day. I started out slow with a 9:30am phone call from Bill's sister. We woke after that (there are no kids to wake us Christmas morning) and showered. We spent the morning slowly opening presents and calming Sammy (it was pouring rain most of the morning). I think we really enjoyed most of our gifts. Bill got me a unique set of gifts. He know how much I love my closet and fashion in general, so he gave me a new light (Tiffany style) for my closet as well as a dimmer switch and a new door knob. I thought it was a little weird at first, but it really looks beautiful in my closet. He did a good job.
We spent the afternoon calling family and watching movies (The Devil Wears Prada and Die Hard). We dined on mozzarella and tomatoes for a snack, then prime rib with Yorkshire pudding for dinner. It was a great day to spend with my loving husband and my furry pooch.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

First Day, New Job

Today I start the new year with a brand new job. I had 10 days off and can't believe that it has gone so fast. Here I am, about an hour away from leaving the house to start a new career. I am really excited about it. It is a fresh start, but now I have to learn all new things and all new people. I had it pretty good at my old job. I hope this new one is as wonderful. I guess I'll see soon! Wish me luck!