Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I actually counted

I counted my shoes Monday night and found that I have 77 pairs. While some people think this number is insane, I think it is normal. I mean, you have to count all the dress shoes for various outfits and special occasions. Then, there are athletic shoes and casual shoes. There are sandals and flip flops. Boots, work shoes, and shoes that are just fun. I do need to go through what I have an eliminate some pairs. I know there are pairs in the back of the closet that I have not worn in a long time - shoes that are just out of style. The Junior League gets many pairs from me just in time for the annual Bargain Sale.

I think I just like to own beautiful things. Spending money makes me feel good, makes me feel powerful. It also makes me feel special that I can buy things. I like to look nice - it makes me feel good. If that's insane, well, so be it.

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