Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Job, New Impressions

So, I have finished my first week at the new job. I think I like it. It is really too early to tell, but I think it may be OK. The people I work with most closely are wonderful. I really like my boss and the other staff accountant. My job is very heavy on data entry, but I guess most jobs in this day and age are. I do wish it were a bit more challenging, but since it is only my first week, I really can't complain yet.

There is some weird stuff. We only get 1/2 an hour for lunch. I have never worked somewhere where lunch time is so short. I have also found myself back in a casual office. I don't mind that. I still dress in skirts and heels when I want to, but have the freedom to wear jeans when needed (like tomorrow night when we have a hockey game). My supervisor works only 32 hours a week (a fact she failed to mention in the interview). She leaves at about 3:45 each afternoon. The other staff accountant leaves at 4:00 - heck, most everyone is gone by then except for customer service. It is so strange to have the office all to myself for about an hour and a half. I'm not sure what to do with myself yet, but I sure do enjoy the peace and quiet.

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