Friday, January 19, 2007

Why do women love shoes?

I really don't know why I love shoes so much. When I see a great pair of shoes, I go all gooey inside. All I can think about is hot great they would look on my feet. I just bought a new pair of shoes today. Sure, I have probably 50-75 pairs at home, but none are leopard print with pointy toes and a brown buckle! I know that I have but two feet and can wear only 1 pair at a time. Still, it doesn't stop me from wanting, craving, more shoes. Maybe it has to do with the fact that shoes stay the same. It doesn't matter if you gain a pound or two (or 15), your shoes always look good. That could be why they are so soothing to me. Maybe that it why I love purses and jewelry, too!!

Anyway, the shoes will be shipping to me on January 23 where they will be given a good home. In case you are wondering, these babies are available at Nordstrom, the best place I know for girls like me with a great love of shoes.

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