Friday, January 12, 2007


This post is number 100 for me! What a great milestone. It makes me think of another milestone I am working toward - drinking 200 beers!!

Bill and I joined the UFO club at a local branch of The Flying Saucer chain. The "Sauce", as we call it, features over 80 beers on tap and 160 beers in bottles. As a club member, you are challenged to drink 200 different beers. If you succeed, you get a personalized plate of your own for the wall. You also get a $100 bar tab on the night your plate is first displayed. The membership also includes a T-shirt and various goodies at the 50 beer and 100 beer mark. Last night, I drank beers #5 and #6. Only 194 more bottles of beer on the wall for me!!

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