Thursday, January 11, 2007

Doin' the Shuffle

Bill got me the latest IPod Shuffle for my birthday. While I thought it was a really cool gift, I didn't really appreciate it until this week. I have been using it at the gym, and I have enjoyed it. The unit is so darn small, you can't even feel it attached to your clothes. It is like having a binder clip on your shorts, but one that plays about 350 songs. I have also enjoyed picking the music and loading more and more on.

When I was a kid, I never really liked the clothes my mom would buy for me as gifts. Then, I would put on the outfit she put together and it would become my favorite outfit in the closet. She did it to me every time. I don't know how she knew my style so well and what would look good on me. I guess she just knew me. My husband knows me, too. Thanks for the great gift. It may take awhile, but I can truly appreciate it now.

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Maggy said...

Your mom was a very special person who loved you dearly. Your husband seems the same. And, of course they both had/have great taste.

I use a Walkman with a single CD at the gym. I guess it's time to update, but it works for now!