Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How weird is that?

Turns out there is a computer in the B&B where we are staying in Portland, ME. I had to blog about the strangest thing that happened yesterday.

Bill and I love beer, as you may know. We decided while we are in Portland we would visit the Allagash brewery. As we are finishing up the tour, in walks a lady who looks really familiar to me. It turns out she is in The Junior League of Durham and OC with me. Here we are 1,100 miles from Durham, and I run into a fellow JLDOC member in a brewery. As a matter of fact, all 5 groups in the tour had a connection to NC - a UNC grad, a couple from Asheville, and a guy who went to school in Wilmington. My JLDOC friend is a friend on Facebook (Jill M). I remember seeing she would be in Maine and New Hampshire, but I certainly did not think I would see her here!

Talk about a weird, small world!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Running on Vacation

So far, I have been able to keep up my running regimen while on vacation. Of course, it has been easy so far because I am at my dad's house. They have a great lake here where I can run. It is was to get to, and I am familiar with it. I'm wondering if I will still run when we get to our next destination - a place we do not know. Will it be easier to continue? For each run this week, we will be in a different place. Guess I will let you know what happens.

Yesterday, we spent the day in Boston as a family. We did a trolley tour and went on a harbor cruise. It was a great way to see the city. I think we all enjoyed it - even the natives. We were lucky that it rained only a few drops even when the sky was threatening all day. We finished the day in Cambridge eating at a fantastic Mexican restaurant with fresh guacamole and margaritas. We even went through Harvard Square on the way home. Not bad for a Sunday.

Well, that's all for now. I have to get ready to move on to Maine. I will be computer-less for the rest of the vacation, so I will have to catch up when I get back. Have a great week!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

New Nephew Alert!

My new nephew was born on Wednesday. His name is Michael Arthur Cruz. He was born early - there were some issues with the pregnancy. He is about 4.5 pounds and will be in the hospital for another month. He has a head full of dark hair, and otherwise looks good for a newborn. He has some fluid issues, but we are all hoping and praying that he will be fine.

I guess another sticking boy is not that bad...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Made it to Boston

I arrived in Boston yesterday to spend some time with my family and enjoy a vacation. I shopped in downtown Boston yesterday, and met my stepmom for lunch. We had a lovely dinner with my stepbro, and I got to see the dog, Shatzie. I have not seen her in a year, and she had grown from a puppy to a real dog.

This morning, I went for a run around the lake, then had breakfast with my little bro. I am going to head to town soon (had to wait for the Celtics parade to end - yeah Boston!). I hope to see the Isabelle Stuart Gardner museum/home this afternoon. My dad should be home tonight, so I am excited to see him, too. Got to go!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


That is the number of miles that I have run so far this year. Hard to believe, isn't it? It sure is for me.

Yesterday was my longest run ever. My Galloway group did 10.78 miles. We ran with an interval of 1/1 (1 minute running/1 minute walking) with a target pace of 13 minute miles. It was a long, but nice run. I had worn blisters in my feet by the time we finished, but I felt good. A girl and I had to break rank (the group is very big on staying together, but I had an appointment. My new friend, Frankie, was up for running to the end, so we went on our own). My legs were a bit sore later, but I found tequila and Motrin work well to ease the pain. I was a little stiff this morning, but have gotten better as the day rolls on.

I am so glad that I joined this program. Fifteen months ago, I could barely run .5 miles without stopping. I couldn't breathe, and my pace was pretty bad. Look how far I have come now! I actually look forward to these weekend runs, and am planning how I will keep up with the program while I am on vacation. People have even told me I look like I have lost weight. If there is such a thing as a running nerd, I think I am one.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I love SATC!

Bill and I went to see the Sex and the City movie last night (much to my pleasure, but probably not so much his). I am glad to report that I was very pleased.

I loved this movie. It was very true to the series. The characters were back after a 4 year break, and it quickly felt like old times. I loved the story line with real issues about love, forgiveness, and friendship. I laughed and I cried. I admired the great fashions and drooled over the shoes (and that one closet scene). It was a very fitting portrayal of these woman and their lives. It felt so good to see them again.

I can't wait for the movie to come out on DVD. It was one of the best movies I have seen in a long, long time!!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Yep, I am doing a half marathon

After a great 8.25 mile run this morning in the heat (it is going to be 100 degrees today), I decided that I can and will do a half marathon. Bill signed me up for the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in VA Beach over Labor Day weekend. It gives me about 2 1/2 months to continue training. I think it will be great since Bill, Jon, and Heather have already signed up. So, now there are four of us in the race with Terry and Michelle being our support crew and cheerers.

I am actually looking forward to this challenge.

Friday, June 06, 2008

So Slammed!!

Sorry it has been so long!

I have been so busy, I have not been able to write.

1. Work - my supervisor accepted a new internal position, so my colleague, Rebecca, and I have been trying to split her workload and learn all of our new duties. In addition to that, it is month end closing and we have a huge IT integration underway that is affecting our computer systems.

2. - The Flying Saucer - Bill did earn his plate and we had a party on Wednesday. His plate looked good, and we got a $100.00 tab to share with our friends. We didn't spend it all, and it surprised our waitress. She said usually no one had problems blowing $100.00!!

3. Tonight - We are going to The Saucer again tonight for Jon and Michelle's pre-wedding party. It will be fun to share the last night of their singledom with them.

4. Tomorrow - We have a Galloway run tomorrow morning at 7:00 am. We are supposed to run 8 miles. It has been near 100 degrees every day since Tuesday this week (I know because we went to a minor league baseball game last night - it was 101 at 7:00 pm). It will be tough. At 4:00 pm, we have the wedding. The wedding is supposed to be outside. I hope I do not sweat through my silk dress.

5. Sunday - We have brunch with Jon and Michelle, then heading to Southern Pines. Bill's dad is back from his hospital/physical therapy rehab stay, so it will be great to see him at home.

6. Samantha - Sammy had her teeth cleaned and toenails clipped this week. She also had a spot removed from her leg. She is doing well, but has been a little bit dopey on meds.

7. Detroit won the Stanley Cup. Very disappointing. I thought perhaps Pittsburgh had a chance after Game 5. Oh well.

8. Wesley retired from the Canes (yeah!), but it looks like Hedican is going, too (boo!), Darn Kristi for winning DWTS!! They are moving to California.

OK, I have to get back to work. I have a lot to do before I get out of here tonight.

Have a great weekend (and watch out for the heat!!)