Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How weird is that?

Turns out there is a computer in the B&B where we are staying in Portland, ME. I had to blog about the strangest thing that happened yesterday.

Bill and I love beer, as you may know. We decided while we are in Portland we would visit the Allagash brewery. As we are finishing up the tour, in walks a lady who looks really familiar to me. It turns out she is in The Junior League of Durham and OC with me. Here we are 1,100 miles from Durham, and I run into a fellow JLDOC member in a brewery. As a matter of fact, all 5 groups in the tour had a connection to NC - a UNC grad, a couple from Asheville, and a guy who went to school in Wilmington. My JLDOC friend is a friend on Facebook (Jill M). I remember seeing she would be in Maine and New Hampshire, but I certainly did not think I would see her here!

Talk about a weird, small world!!

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Lesley said...

Wow, what a small world! Sounds like you're having fun!