Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Halfway through the Best

I love movies. I love movie award shows. So, I am in seventh heaven during this time of year. Each year, I try to see all of the Best Picture Oscar Nominees. Last year, I saw 9 of the 10 nominees (I skipped A Serious Man - it only got two stars on Netflix, so why bother?) This year, I am a little behind. I have only seen 5 of the nominees so far. Luckily, I have time left.

The interesting thing is that this year, I actually want to see all of the nominees. Three of the nominated films - Inception, Toy Story 3, and Black Swan -appeared in my post "Best of 2010" so you know how I feel about them. I have also seem The Kids are All Right, which was well, just all right. Since the "Best of 2010" post, I have seen The Social Network. I thought SN was well acted and really interesting. If I were to go back to edit my best of list, The Social Network would probably be on top.

That leaves The King's Speech, The Fighter, Winter's Bone, True Grit, and 127 Hours for my viewing pleasure. I am really, really dying to see The King's Speech and The Fighter. I am a bit nervous about 127 hours because I don't know what to expect from "the scene," but I am looking forward to seeing James Franco's performance. I plan to take a day off from work next week, so I think an afternoon at the movies is in order.

What was your Best Picture of 2010? Will you be watching the Oscars on February 27?