Monday, January 15, 2007

What a lousy finish to the weekend

So, the weekend wasn't great anyway, but the ending tops the cake. After running to the grocery store at about 2:30 yesterday, I get home to find out that the garage door won't open. Bill comes out and tells me the power has been off for about 30 minutes. I have a trunk full of food, so we have to open the frig/freezer to put them away. We decide to take Sammy for a walk, hoping that the power will be on when we return. We were gone for about an hour, but no luck. We sit and read until there is no light left, then nap until we get hungry. By this time, it is about 7:15. I had meal fixings all ready and a DVD to watch. I had laundry to do. Alas, the lord of power decided it would not get done. We went out to dinner, and returned to a dark house. The worst part is that it seemed to only affect the 30 or so houses in our immediate neighborhood. The folks across the street had power. The ones behind us and the church in front of us did, too. The traffic light was on. It was totally frustrating. After reading a magazine by flashlight for about an hour, I gave up to go to sleep. It was only then, at around 10:00pm, did the power return.

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