Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Great Human Race 2008

It was cold. It was windy. It started to rain. I did it anyway.

Today was the annual Great Human Race - a 5K event to support our local volunteer center. It is a race that Bill and I have done several times before, and we signed on to do it again this year. I didn't know that the temperatures were going to drop so much from the upper 70s, sunny day we had yesterday, or I may have reconsidered.

Bill is still working on his hip injury, so he had to pass on the race. I was standing out there in my shorts, wearing a pair of socks from the goody bag on my hands to keep them warm, thinking I should pass, too. I didn't - I decided I was already there. I ran the race in about 38:25. Not a fast pace for most, but just over my personal best. I am glad I did it. It is so much easier to realize that once you finish the race. Perseverance gets us through the tough times. Now, I can feel good for the rest of the day knowing I accomplished something this morning. Not only the 5K, but the mental fortitude to get through it.


Lesley said...

Congrats on the great race, Susan! There's a lot to be said for perservering when the conditions aren't ideal. What a nice accomplishment! Hooray!

Maggy said...

Congratulations! Sticking with it during unfavorable conditions and completing the race, no matter what time, is very admirable.

I hope you went to The Sauce to celebrate. Cheers!

Tinsie said...

Well done on running the race!