Monday, March 03, 2008

Hold Your Fire

This weekend, Bill and I did something off my list of things I have always wanted to do. We went to a firing range and I fired our guns. It was not what I expected.

I have never fired an actual gun before Saturday. Sure, I have been to the arcade or fired a play gun at the state fair. I did not expect the affect it would have on me. We arrived at the firing range mid afternoon. Of course since it was the weekend, there were many, many people there, and we had to wait. During our wait, I had plenty of time to psyche myself out. I began to realize just how serious guns are. Although we were in a controlled, safe environment, one mistake (by me) could lead to someone's death. While it was very unlikely to happen, I found that fact to be very disconcerting. Once we got on the range, I found out the second thing that scared me - the sound of the gunshot.

You hear gunshots in movies and TV all the time. I never realized just how loud they really are - and I was wearing hearing protection! There is also a concussion that comes with the firing of the gun. I was jumping each time anyone fired. It lasted pretty much the whole time we were in there.

Once I got settled, I was able to fire the guns without a problem. I have pretty good aim, so I did well with the smaller .22 gun. I was able to fire pretty much where I was aiming. I also tried the revolver, but I didn't like it as much since it was heavier and louder. Bill also brought his rifle that is a military training rifle that fires .22 bullets. It had almost no kick or sound, but it was very heavy to hold.

Overall, I am glad I went and I am glad I have good aim. I never, ever want to be in a situation where I have to aim the gun at another human being. I am particularly thankful for our troops and law enforcement agents after this weekend. I know I could never do their jobs, and I will not take them for granted anymore.

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Tinsie said...

I've never fired a gun (not even a toy gun) and I found your view point really interesting. I wonder if the average law enforcement officer finds it quite traumatic the first time they fire their gun for real? I guess they must do, even if it looks so easy-peasy on TV.