Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I am such a bad fan!!

A few weeks ago, the Carolina Hurricanes sent out the playoff ticket request forms to all of the season ticket holders. I held ours for awhile, then threw it out after they traded away Stillman and Roddy went down. I figured there was no way they were even going to make the playoffs and I didn't want my money tied up with the organization until next year.

Fast forward to today - The Canes have now won 6 of their past 7, and are looking really good. They still have 5 points on the Caps (although the Caps loaded up on trade day and made it very clear that they are gunning for the lead). I had to go to the website today and say that I "misplaced" by ticket form, and could I pay for the games online? Of course, I also need only one ticket as my dear husband is no longer interested in hockey. I wish I had more time to watch hockey.

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