Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day 2008!!

Happy Valentine's Day to all!!

I hope each of you is spending the day with a loved one - I am. Bill and I had lunch together and we are going out to dinner tonight after my Board meeting (they did not reschedule for the holiday~men!!)

We had a party at work and asked each employee to write a short personal ad about himself/herself. We then posted the ads and had everyone guess who wrote each one. It was much harder than you would think! I only got 6 correct out of 18. Guess I need to speak to my co-workers more!

Here's what I wrote:

Sassy, stylish book lover is seeking friends with common interests. Applicants should enjoy ice sports, fancy footwear, canine companionship, disco, recycling, and running the ATT. UNC fans, people who do not drink beer, the rhythm challenged, and fashion don’ts need not apply. Who am I?
Does it sounds like me?

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