Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's Official - PR for a 4 mile Race!

I found the official results for the Coach Bubba 4 mile race online. I have officially set a personal record for a race in that length. I am very proud to say that I shaved 6 minutes and 30 seconds off my time from the 4 on the Fourth race last 4th of July. My pace was 12.22 per mile. While the pace is not blistering by any means, it is an improvement for me.

I never knew I could run like this. When I was in junior high school (it wasn't called middle school back in the day!), I dreaded the days we would have to run one lap around the track. I was always the slowest kid in class, and I would have to beg my squad leader to slow down so I could keep up. I still may not keep up with the fast kids, but I am out there doing it and having fun.

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