Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Sunday

I am so, so, so happy that the Giants won Super Bowl XLII!! I have always thought that the Patriots were overrated and that Tom Brady is not the wonder that so many think he is (the dude dumped his pregnant girlfriend - so uncool!! Giselle, you can do much better). Way to go Eli and the Giants for hanging tough and being the best team on the field today.

Terry and Heather came over for the game, and all four of us cheered on the Giants (and ate like pigs - chili cheese dip, pizzas, chocolate chip cookies and beer, but we did have veggies, too). I admit, I got very nervous toward the end there. I actually had to get up and start the dishes. Luckily, I had Heather to yell at me when things were good. I am not very good under pressure, but I am so glad Manning is. He played a great game, kept his cool, and was a true leader. Thank, Giants, you made my Super Bowl Sunday!!

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Maggy said...

My husband was rooting for the Giants, and I was for the Patriots just for fun. I don't follow football very much at all. I enjoyed the commercials and thought Tom Brady was so handsome. Now that I know it was "he" that I read about in People re: dumping his pregnant girlfriend, I don't think he's quite so cute.

It was an exciting game at the end. My husband thinks it was the best Super Bowl, and he's thrilled the Dolphins record wasn't broken.