Monday, February 25, 2008

Oh Oscar!!

You know I was up all night watching the Oscar Awards. It is one of my favorite nights of the year. I love the glamour and the fashion as well as the awards themselves. This year's show did not disappoint.

I thought Jon Stewart was a great host. His monologue was funny and crisp, then same humor he shows on The Daily Show. I thought he did a great job of adding humor to the show, but letting it flow. He showed great compassion as well when he allowed the female winner of the best song to come back to the stage to give her acceptance after she was cut off by a commercial. I think that it just one example of the type of classy guy Jon Stewart is.

The fashion was great as well. There were no major mistakes - everyone looked really, really good. I think my favorite of the night was Katherine Heigl in a gorgeous red gown. Everything about this look was right for me from the cut of the gown to the style of her hair. She is not my favorite actress in the world, but she can certainly rock the red carpet.

I loved the surprises of the show as well. While I would have like to see Juno win for best picture (it is the only one I have seen this year - so far), I was very happy with the overall winners. I find it interesting that non of the acting winners this year are American. There seemed to be quite an international flair to this year's show. I love that Tilda Swinton won - she really came out of the blue and was not on anyone's pick list that I saw. She accepted her awards with grace and humor - it was one of my favorite moments. I also loved that the pair from "Once" won best song. They were just so happy to have won - it makes you feel good to see it happen.

I am ready to rent some movies!!


Tinsie said...

I don't usually stay up for the Oscars (time difference makes it impossible if you have work to go to the next day) and this year I couldn't muster any enthusiasm at all - probably because I've not seen any of the movies and had no strong feelings either way. However, I have to admit that if the pictures in the press are anything to go by, fashion was very well done this year :-)

By the way, I've changed by blog address - check my profile for the new one, as my old one brings up an error message.

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