Saturday, February 23, 2008

2008 Coach Bubba

This morning, Bill and I participated in the Coach Bubba 4 mile run (as apposed to the 20K which was run at roughly the same time). It was a little tough getting out of the bed at 7:25 am to get ready for the race. It was especially difficult since it was overcast, foggy, and raining just a little bit. We went anyway, and in the end, we were glad we did.

Despite being down with the flu last week, Bill ran a great race. He had a good pace and finished in just over 37 minutes. I set a personal record for a 4 mile run at about 49:30. It beat my 4 on the Fourth race last July by several minutes. I am going to wait for the official time to post, and I need to check last year's time, but I think I knocked about 5 minutes from my time. It was great to have run and get home by 10:00 am. I feel like I have accomplished so much already today. We have a few errands to run this afternoon, then we have a hockey game tonight at the early start time of 5:00 pm. It just means we will be drinking beer (which is a great re-hydration drink) at The Sauce that much earlier.


***UPDATE*** The Canes crushed the Caps 6-3 in a fantastic and exciting game! The lead the SE division by 6 points as of Saturday evening.

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Lesley said...

Woohoo--rreat job, Susan! What a gigantic chunk off your last PR! High fives all around! :-D