Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hot Stone Treat for Me

I had Monday off to celebrate President's Day. Each year, each staff member at my office gets to pick 2 days to enjoy as optional floating holidays. We submit our days at the beginning of each year. We may choose from any of the holidays we do not get off (such as Veteran's Day or MLK Jr. Day) or we can pick any day of our choosing (such as a birthday or anniversary). This year, I chose President's Day because I thought I would enjoy a day off during the long winter stretch and I chose my birthday because it just doesn't seem right to work that day. It is an extra sweet day off since I knew most of my colleagues were working while I was playing.

So, I decided to see my friend Heather, a professional massage therapist, and enjoy something I had never done before - a hot stone massage. Let me say that if you have not indulged in a hot stone massage, you should really go out and get one right away. If you live here in NC, go see Heather - she is wonderful! The massage lasted 90 minutes and was pure bliss. Heather massaged my head, face, hands, and feet which I loved. She used the stones in combination with her hands on my arms and legs. She placed several stones on my back on a towel to loosen the muscles while working again on my arms and legs. Once my back was warm, she used strokes of her hands and stone to work all of the kinks out. I felt positively feline when I was done. It is truly a fantastic feeling, and one that I will be enjoying again on my birthday, if not sooner.


Lesley said...

Wow, sounds heavenly--what a treat! Now I want to make an appointment with her! :)

Tinsie said...

Mmmmm... I've been meaning to have a hot stone treatment for some time. You may have just given me the final push to go out and book it ;-)