Friday, March 07, 2008

Things in my Life

It has been a busy week. I feel like I don't have much to say, but there are a few things that have happened.

1. I got a beautiful new purse for the spring. It is a gorgeous pale blush color, and the leather is soooooo soft.

2. The Canes have been playing really, really well lately. They spanked the Thrashers Wednesday night in Atlanta, and looked really strong and tough (in the multiple fights) last night at home against the Minnesota Wild. I am really, really looking forward to seeing them play Buffalo on Saturday.

3. I think I may quit the Junior League. I know I keep going back and forth on this point. We had a meeting this week, and I really do not feel connected to anyone or anything there. I have a few more days before I need to make the decision.

4. I went to dinner with my office mate, Rebecca, and her girl's night out group last night. It was fun to meet new people and get to know the folks that Rebecca talks about all the time.

5. I am still running - did 7 miles so far this week. I would like to run Sunday, but there may not be enough time. Bill's sisters and their kids are coming up for a visit, so we will be heading to the in-laws house for the day.

6. I have something really special happening on Saturday, but I will blog about it later.

7. I can't believe Clinton pulled out the big wins this week. It seemed like she was all but done. Maybe my primary vote will count for something come May!

I think that's about all for now. Have a great Friday!


Maggy said...

I admire your determination and ability to continue running. Woo Hoo!! Keep up the good work!

Susan Mo said...

Thank you!! I have really found that I enjoy running. It is especially good when there is something on my mind. I can just work it out, and think, and think, and think, while I run. It almost makes me forget that I am running in the first place!