Monday, March 17, 2008

Kissy Friends

I have always wanted kissy friends. By this term, I mean that I want friends who kiss each other when they meet or part. You see this a lot on TV and in the movies, but I have never done it in real life. Sure, I hug some of my friends some of the time, but I have never kissed anyone to whom I was not related. It seems like such a nice thing - an extra special way to say I really cherish our friendship. It is not sexual by any means, but more intimate than a hug. Perhaps it is a more European thing that we don't really do in the US. I would experiment, but I don't know how people would react.

Speaking of friends, I went back and posted a picture of Adam and I together on the blog I wrote about out night out. If you happen to be a Facebook friend of mine, you can see some photos I posted of us in high school.


Tinsie said...
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Tinsie said...

You ought to get some Greek friends, or some Spaniards - they kiss a lot. But your best bet are the Brazilians. They kiss even people they've *just* been introduced to :-)