Friday, June 12, 2009

Piles of magazines

I have so many magazines piled on the side of my bed. It is absolutely ridiculous. I love magazines, but I can never seem to get to them. I am usually distracted by a good book, so the pile grows. I wish I could have a full day just to sit and read my magazines. It would feel so good just to get caught up. Here is what I think is in the pile:

7 months of House Beautiful (I just canceled this subscription which I hate)
5 months of Runner's World (Started the February issue last night)
4 months of Harper's Bazaar (I love the fashion)
1 month of InStyle
1 week of People (plus the new issue which arrived today)
1 issue of People Style Watch
and a number of random magazines like Endurance, Triathlete, the University of Georgia Alumni news, etc.

I really do like all of these magazines, I am just afraid for where this pile may be headed. How many mags can I stack in one pile?

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