Monday, April 16, 2007

Isn't the worst when...

...comedians are not funny? Bill and I went to a local place called Tomato Jake's this weekend to see one of their monthly comedy shows. We stayed for about 5 comics, but only one was funny. I really don't know how comedians can stand on the stage after they tell a joke and no one laughs. I was mortified for them from the audience. It is painful to watch.

Luckily, the weekend got better after the show. It rained on and off all day yesterday here. Bill and I planted our vegetable garden during the "off" time which worked out well with all the rain. We spent the rest of the day being lazy around the house. We watched DVDs of The Pursuit of Happyness and Man of the Year. Both movies were good. It seems that we have been on a good run lately - we saw Stranger than Fiction last weekend and really enjoyed it. Bill also cooked up his fantastic chili - the perfect food for our weather. Sometimes a rainy day is a really good thing!

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