Thursday, April 05, 2007

Too Bad, So Sad

It is official - The Carolina Hurricanes will not be in the 2006-2007 playoffs. Yes, after winning The Stanley Cup in 2006, they become the third team to fail to make the playoffs in the year following their championship. I am sure that all the folks associated with the team are very sad and disappointed in this season. It seemed that the Canes just never got it together after the short summer. The same thing happened after the Canes reached the finals in 2002. They came back the following season and were in dead last in the NHL. Then there was the strike, followed by the Championship. So, does it follow that they will have a fantastic season next year? I hope. They will certainly have plenty of time for rest this summer.

Bill and I will attend the game tomorrow night. It is a game that means absolutely nothing to Canes fans. Still we will go, celebrate what was, and hope for a better year to come. And there will be beer before and after the game.

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