Sunday, April 08, 2007

Babies, Babies everywhere

I went to my Junior League meeting this past Wednesday. I went up to a group of ladies who I joined the JLDOC with, and found them talking about babies. I asked if two of the ladies were pregnant, and was told they were along with a third!! I congratulated them all and also said another from our group was pregnant, but not present. It made me think of all the babies that I have been around lately.

All of my girlfriends from college are mothers now. My two cousins in Denver are both moms, as well as both of my sisters-in-law. It seems that I am now at an age where it is more unusual if my friends are not mothers. Yet, I am not a mother. I am the hold out, or so it feels. I used to think I wanted children, but I am more unsure with each passing day. My doctor tells me that if I do want kids, I need to do it sooner rather than later as I an nearing 35 1/2 years old. If some way I do want a child, but in others I don't.

I read about global warming and the other horrible things that are going on to this planet. Do I want to leave a child in a place that is certain to have droughts and famine in the future? Provided that my child would be an American and more likely to survive, do I want that child to take precious resources from others in the world? My child may not be effected by global warming directly, but it will happen eventually. It makes me sad to think about the future of this planet, so do I want to bring someone else into this world to face it?

Who knows what the future holds? I just try to take life one day at a time. Right now, the baby question still eludes me. Perhaps it will be clear someday, or perhaps it is my role in life to be the doting aunt.

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