Friday, April 20, 2007

Speak Clearly!!

I am on the employee appreciation team here at work. We try to do little things that are fun that will keep up the morale. We are going to do a Tres de Mayo luncheon (since the 5th is Saturday), and two of us are organizing it. We did a spreadsheet listing each item that was needed, and how many of each we needed. We wrote up a little note, and sent it off.

Well, lesson to me, be clear when you send out a sign up sheet. I intended for each person to sign up for one thing. There would then be enough items for each person to bring something and for there not to be too much extra. Well, already, people have signed up for multiple things. I can tell we are going to have too much. When dealing with a large group, send detailed instructions!! I've got it now.

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