Monday, March 12, 2007

Who has a case of the Mondays?

In case you do not recognize that phrase, it comes from the classic comedy movie "Office Space." If you work in an office of any sort, this movie will pretty much sum up your experience. It's a great comedy, full of great quotes and lots of laughs.

Today is another one of those days when I wish I had a three day weekend. This past weekend was full of sunshine and beautiful weather. It was one of those weekends that lets you know Spring is definitely on its way. I did get to enjoy parts of it, but I was working on the latest edition of the League newsletter. I was able to break it up between the 2 days, so it wasn't that bad. Bill, Sammy, and I were able to enjoy the best weather on Saturday by taking a stroll/jog around Duke golf course. Later that day, Bill and I took advantage of the cool evening by sitting outside at The Sauce to enjoy our 3 beers a piece. It is a little cooler today, but over the next 2 days the temperature will rise to about 76 for a high. Talk about perfect weather!!

We found out today that our new fence will be installed in the backyard during the late part of this week, and we have 2 companies coming out to quote our new deck. I am so excited!! Soon, our backyard will be new and improved, and ready for the season full of grilling.

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