Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Love/Hate time of year

It's that time of year that I love/hate - the transition to Spring. I love Spring will all the bright colors and sunny days. The flowers bloom, the birds sing, and the temperatures start to get warmer. Which brings me to what I hate - the weird moderate what the heck do I wear temperature! I don't like the cold mornings followed by warm afternoons. I never know how to dress. Do I wear a sweater? Will short sleeves be too cold? Should I wear hose or will I be warm? I never know what to wear when it will be anywhere between 57-78 degrees out. No matter what I try, it is never quite the right thing.

As a side bar, I do love to shop for spring clothes (of course, I like to shop anytime!) and buy fresh, new things. Still, by favorite time of year is the fall. I love the leaves turning colors, the days getting cooler, and the anticipation of the birthdays (mine and Bill's) and holidays to come. Fall is my number one, but I will enjoy the Spring while it is here.

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