Saturday, March 03, 2007


The Canes beat Pittsburgh last night 3-2. It was a great game (after the Canes settled in the second period). The crowd was nearly sold out, there were fights, great bursts of offense and defense, and plenty of cheering. Sadly, I was not really into it. I was yawning the whole time, and could see where Bill finds it boring. Yes, the in-game entertainment is the same each time. I started noticing those little things last night, and they began to bug me. It took away from the enjoyment of the overall game. I think I need a hockey break. I never thought I would say that in a million years! Our next game is not until March 30. I hope I will enjoy that match up more.

On the bright side, the two beers at The Flying Saucer last night after the game were delicious!

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