Monday, March 26, 2007

I need to read more

What is it about a book that is "assigned" versus a book that you choose for pleasure? I am reading a book called "The Tender Bar" for my book club meeting tomorrow. I have had the book for over 2 weeks, but have still not finished it yet. All last week if I felt like reading I would pick up a magazine instead of this book. The book is not bad, and it is not difficult to read. The story is interesting - a memoir about a man who grew up on Long Island in the early 70s and later went to Yale to become a reporter. It is a good story, yet I still don't want to pick it up because it was not "my choice" to read it. I don't know why there is a mental block when it comes to reading my book club books. Last month, I read about 3 pages, knew I would hate it, and decided not to go to the meeting. I try to limit myself to 2 of those a year.

Oh well. I am determined to finish this book (94 pages left!). I read for over 3 hours last night, about an hour this morning, then 2 more hours between now and 7:30 pm tomorrow..............I should be good to go!

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