Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hittin' The Sauce

So, we went out of town this past weekend. Where did we have to stop on the way back? The Flying Saucer, of course!! We made a pit stop in Columbia, SC, to go to the local Sauce there. It was totally different, yet still the same as our beloved Raleigh version. They had plates on the wall, but their inscriptions are around the outside instead of in the middle. They served burgers - a food we cannot have in our first floor space in Raleigh because the grill could not be properly vented (we checked with the manager last night). They still did trivia on Tuesdays, glasses on Wednesday, but have mystery brews on Thursday.

It was fun to visit the place. There are several locations - the next nearest one in Charlotte. Guess we'll have to take a road trip some day to the other locations. San Antonio would be fun!!

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