Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's Been a Long Weekend - Sunday & Monday

So, after our day long car show, we readied ourselves to drive to Asheville on Sunday. I got up at about 7:15 am so that I could get in my morning run. Someone else (who shall remain nameless) decided to sleep a bit longer. After my run, I got back and started getting ready to leave. We stopped at Bruegger's for breakfast (pretty much killed the running for me), and headed to A-ville. It was a nice drive over- no real traffic, but we did see several classic cars. We also saw several motor home prompting our idea for vacation next year. We would like to rent a mobile home for about 10 days and head up to Minneapolis and back. We would go through several states I have never seen (Kentucky, Wisconsin, Minnesota) and just enjoy our country. I am really excited by the possibility.

We got to Asheville about 4 hours later and finally got in touch with my aunt. Her phone was having problems which scared the bejeebies out of me. It was the only way I knew how to reach her. Luckily, it all worked out. We decided to meet at 5:00, so that left plenty of time for my favorite activity - shopping. Bill, Sammy, and I took in the Biltmore Village before heading to our hotel to change. We drove up to The Grove Park Inn, and I had forgotten just how beautiful the inn is. The view is absolutely breathtaking from the terrace. It was so nice to see Aunt Linda and Uncle John again. They both look fantastic, and it really seemed just like old times chatting and catching up. It was so comfortable - just the way one would imagine meeting up with family. We chatted about their day and adventures in Asheville, then prepared for dinner. We met friends of my aunt and uncle for dinner at The Richmond Hill Inn.

The Richmond Hill Inn was completely unknown to me. It is a magnificent inn not too far from the Grove Park. It was much smaller, but so lovely in presentation. We were able to tour a few of the guest rooms prior to dinner. They were just gorgeous - they seemed to fit the time period, but still had all of the modern amenities. We ate a multi-course dinner in a private room with champagne and wines. It was one of the finest meals I can remember, and the company was wonderful as well. I had the most perfect halibut fillet and a coconut macadamia cake that was to die for.

On Monday, we met with Aunt Linda and Uncle John again for breakfast. We were able to tour a bit and see their room after our meal. It was just way too fast a weekend. We hope to have a longer visit next time - maybe meeting up in Charleston. After we left them, Bill, Samantha, and I hit Black Mountain for a few hours (yes, more shopping!), then got back home around 6:30. It was a great, but definitely long, weekend.

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