Friday, May 04, 2007

Becausa They Are Legends!

Last night, Bill and I went to see Legends! starring Joan Collins and Linda Evans, both formerly of Dynasty fame. I had a great time! It was a wonderful play - a story of two rival actresses who never got along who are now asked to be in a play together. It was hilarious to see these two go at it with one another. The supporting cast was wonderful, too - an actress who played the maid nearly stole the show, the male stripper who caused a riot of laughter, and the play producer who was a fast talking manipulator. Still, the divas where the center of the show. These two ladies could not have been more perfect for the roles. They still look fabulous as well. Both were gorgeous, even through my binoculars which were trained to the stage for most of the play.

If Legends! comes your way, go see it.

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