Friday, May 25, 2007

The Holiday Weekend is Near!

Yes, finally, a three day weekend!! After all of the running and work we have done over the past 3 weeks, I am so glad to have a weekend with no big plans, a weekend to catch up on some rest. That is, of course, until I got this list from my darling husband this morning of things he wants to do this weekend:

work on the deck- get it 90% finished (at least)
go to the gym and go running
sit and enjoy your company (I want to do this a LOT)
check out the cooler at bed bath and beyond
try to find a frame for my poster
walk Sammy
visit with Lisa and Kevin (if you want)
take the Camaro out for a spin
wash the cars
bottle some beer
drink some beer
clean the bathrooms
work on the car club newsletter

Plus, we are going to dinner at his parent's house Monday evening. So, I guess I may be able to rest sometime in July.

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