Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Bill and I turned on the Indianapolis 500 Sunday afternoon. I don't think we really planned to watch it in depth, just really see the start - "Ladies and Gentlemen start your Engines!" and all. I must admit, though, I got completely hooked. I can see why our friend Jon loves racing so much. I really found on Sunday that it is so much more that just driving fast in an oval. It is really all about strategy - when to pit and when to continue.

I thought it was just fascinating that the winner, Dario Franchitti, won because he did not pit during the restart after the rain delay. Had he not been forced to pit earlier due to a cut tire, he most likely would not have won the race. Since all of the drivers in front of him did pit, he was able to take the #1 stop during the caution. Due to the multiple accidents after the restart and the additional rain, he stayed in #1. How interesting!! Wow, is NASCAR as interesting? I may just have to find out - I love a good drama!!!!


racephan said...

Wow, I am impressed! Sorry I didn't see this post earlier. Glad to hear you enjoyed the drama of the race and the spectacle of Indy. Its incredible in person. Too bad it didn't have the climatic shootout at the end of 500 miles due to the rain but it was a good one none the less. Did you know I went to Richmond in June and saw Dario win another one. I even met saw him before the race - the ladies seem to really like him for some reason.

racephan said...

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