Monday, May 07, 2007

Ham and Yam

What a weekend!!

We had such a busy weekend. Saturday night, we went to our friend's Derby Day/Cinco de Mayo/Birthday/House Warming/MBA party. It was fun and the food was wonderful. Gotta love multiple reasons to have a party!

Sunday was car day. We took the newly restored (and almost done) Camaro out to Smithfield for the annual Ham and Yam festival. At least the day wasn't too hot, cause downtown Smithfield doesn't have too much to offer. We walked around a bit, got lunch from a stand, then spent the better part of the day kicking back and reading our books. At least the folks seemed to enjoy seeing our car. I even got to drive it on the way home. It handles so much better now that it has a new suspension and brakes. It was fun to drive, I may have to do it again soon.

The weekend ended with a not so good event - Sammy bleeding on the floor. It seems that she likes to chew herself so much that she actually chewed a gash into her back leg. She is with the vet right now, so I will keep you posted...

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