Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Poopzilla and The Goat

As of today, we have been living together for 3 weeks. The girls are doing very well, and they are definitely learning the rules and schedule of the house. As we get to know our pups better, we are able to give them nicknames.

Misty is now nicknamed Poopzilla. You may be able to guess why. The first time we walked her, we were surprised how much she can eliminate at one time. It is a small mound coming from a dog who is not that big, hence the moniker Poopzilla.

Lily is known as The Goat. Sometimes walking this dog is like walking a goat. She has a tendency to graze. She has also gone through a number of toys - even the ones for heavy chewers. If we gave her a tin can (which we would not do), I have no doubt she could eat it right up. Thank goodness she does not eat furniture or shoes.

Sounds like it would make a good book or cartoon - The Continuing Adventures of Poopzilla and The Goat. Stay tuned.

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Maggy said...

Fun to hear of the antics of the pups and their nicknames. At least they aren't rolling in suspicious and stinky things in the grass.

You could write a children's book that would go along with "The Adventures of Snickle Fritz and Pudgy Wudgy".