Friday, August 22, 2008

Top Gearhead

I am totally addicted to the show called Top Gear. Bill and I discovered it on BBC America on Monday nights at 8:00 pm. One would think that this sort of show would not capture my attention, but it has.

Yes, the show is about cars. During the course of an hour, they will review cars, but it is so much more. There are 3 presenters, James May, Richard Hammond, and Jeremy Clarkson, who are absolutely hilarious. They love cars, but they also love to poke fun at one another and laugh. We frequently find ourselves laughing, too.

On last week's episode, Hammond and May challenged Clarkson to a race from London to Oslo. Hammond and May were to take a plane to Newcastle, then an overnight ferry to Norway. From the dock, they were to take another boat to Oslo. Clarkson had to drive a Mercedes super car through 8 countries (about 17 hours!). Who would win?

They pull crazy stunts like this one all the time. Hammond and May were shown drinking and dancing in the ferry while Clarkson was driving in the dark. All odds said the ferry would win, but the car actually took the title.

There is also a mystery driver named The Stig who races the cars on the test track. Sometimes, British celebrities show up as well to test drive a car. I have seen Dame Helen Mirren and Simon Cowell.

You never know what you will see on this crazy show. The British are so cool, too. I love listening to them talk. "This coupe has a small boot, but can go from naught to sixty in 3 seconds."

Check your local listings.


Michelle said...

We love Top Gear too. The different stunts they come up with and act on are quite amazing.

racephan™ said...

If you haven't seen them, you have to see my favorite two episodes.

The one where they turn a Reliant Robin into an actual space shuttle and the one where they come to Miami and buys cars for $1000k with the goal of driving to New Orleans to give them to Katrina flood victims. :)

Susan Mo said...

I have definitely seen the episode in Miami. I may have seen the one with the Reliant...I can't remember. The Miami episode was great. I loved it when they were able to "enhance" each other's cars with washable slogans. Too funny!