Friday, August 15, 2008

Bill is sporting a mohawk

Yes, my husband has a mohawk.

Wednesday night, Bill, Terry and I are sitting at the Sauce, drinking a few beers, and talking about our upcoming trip to Virginia for the half marathon. Terry mentions that Bill should get a mohawk for the race so he can look tough for the competition. The concept is not tough for Terry - he has sported a mohawk or two in his lifetime.

After a few laughs, I told Bill there was no way he would do it. Of course, my comments make it a challenge to my husband. Was I daring him to cut a mohawk on his head? He thought it was a good time for it since he is at home. I told him that the second he did it, he would get a call for a job interview.

So, we got home and changed for the evening. I was washing my face when I see Bill dig out the shaver and take one clean swipe down his skull. There was nothing I could do - I had to finish it up for him and at least make it look neat.

And, yes, he got a phone call from a potential employer on Thursday. The interview should be next week.


racephan™ said...

Hahaha, Michelle told me about this and my first thought was how it will go over on the job interviews.

At least he can look cool running tomorrow morning.

Melanie said...

Nice mohawk! We moved my daughter into University Towers today. I wonder how long it will take her to discover the Saucer, lol!