Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Dark Knight

Bill and I finally went to see the new Batman movie last night. We were supposed to see it in IMAX, but the show was sold out when we arrived. We went instead to a regular theater and caught the 8:00PM showing.

Maybe it was the driving from one theater to the other or the late time, or maybe it was just the anticipation, but the movie was not all that great in our opinion. I think both of us were a little disappointed. I guess we expected to be blow away by the movie that is breaking box office records and earning half a billion dollars. We just thought it was too long.

Sure, I thought Heath Ledger did a great job as The Joker. He had that quiet, controlled insanity that is very chilling. He had the laugh and mannerisms down, and he was definitely cruel. He was impressive. Other parts just failed for me. The female lead was a weakness yet again. What's the deal with Harvey Dent's face? It he was burned that badly, shouldn't his eye be damaged as well?

I don't know. It could have been too much hype. Any little problem is blown out of proportion when you are so looking forward to something. It just makes is all the worse when it doesn't live up to your expectations.

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